A few updates

If your version of the Baseball Field Guid says “First printing March 2016” on the copyright page, “Chapter 2: Teams and Leagues” has been updated. You can view or download the entire chapter here as a pdf file:

Baseball Field Guide 3rdEd Chapter 2

Updates to the current edition are also listed here:

Page 15: The playoffs now begin with a wild card game, followed by the Division Series, then the League Championships (the “pennant”), and finally the World Series.

Page 16: The American League and the National League now each have fifteen teams, and not fourteen in the American League and sixteen in the National League, as previously stated. The Houston Astros went American.

Pages 18–20: Rather than three division winners and one wild card, there are now three division winners and two wild card winners. The two wild card winners then face off in a one-game playoff to determine which team will then face the top division team in a best three-out-of-five-game series. 

Page 20 diagram: A wild card game takes place before the Division Series; there are 15 teams in the National League since the Houston Astros moved to the American League.

Page 53: The Mets stadium outfield has been modified. You can view updated specifications here. 

Page 54: The Houston Astros are now, as mentioned, in the American League.

Also, on page 81, we discuss Eddie Gaedel who, at 3′ 7″ tall was placed at bat in 1951 by St. Louis Browns manager Bill Veeck as a one-time stunt to make the strike zone as small as possible. We used the word “midget” to describe Eddie, replicating the word that was used to describe the stunt at the time – hope we didn’t offend anyone. We’ll re-phrase it in the next update.

In addition to these, we’ll include all MLB updates that were announced after the book went to press – which so far are mostly minor things.