Getting a book the easy way,
four simple steps:

Here's a way to recoup the cost of the Baseball Field Guide:

1. Find a know-it-all friend.
2. Bet him/her that he/she won't know the answer to a simple baseball question.
3. Ask one of the questions below.
4. Use your winnings to buy a copy of the Baseball Field Guide.
(Or two – your friend obviously needs one also.)

Q: For the Infield Fly Rule to be in effect, what base or bases, if any, need to be occupied?

A: First and second, or bases loaded.

Q: A batter hits a ground ball that first touches down outside of the third base foul line – but then rolls into fair territory just before passing third base. Fair or foul?

A: Fair - as long as the ball entered fair territory before going past third base.

Q: How many stitches are in a baseball?

A: 108. No more, no less.

Q: Who is the Buster Posey rule named after?

A: If they don't get this one, you may want to find a new friend.

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