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Here are a few comments about our previous editions of the Baseball Feld Guide:

“Formosa and Hamburger have created a real gem. I can't think of a better book that serves an introduction to the sport and how it is played.” – The Joy of Sox

“The casual convenience of having MLB's rulebook online doesn't change the fact that it's often written like stereo instructions that were translated from English to Japanese and then back to English again. That's where the Baseball Field Guide (BFG) comes in handy.”– Eric Simon, Amazin’ Avenue

“ It even passed the acid test: how does it cope with explaining the balk rule? This was where the illustrations were particularly useful: describing what constitutes a balk is one thing, but seeing diagrams that show the difference has made things much more clear in my mind. Of course, so as not to stand out from the crowd, I will still be forced to yell "Balk!" every time a pitcher does that fake to third, fake to first move - but in my heart, I will now know better.” – Jim McLennan, AZ Snakepit

“ …a very readable style. It goes beyond a simple recitation of the rules by answering questions that fans might ask, and explaining unusual situations that have cropped up over the years.” – Bus Leagues Baseball

“…as soon as I opened it up, I was hooked. (there may have been drool involved...) It's just beautiful really. no, I’m not suffering from hyperbole -- take a look at their explanation of how a pitcher pitches. Tell me that's not clear. Tell me that's not visually inviting. You won't, because you can't.” – More Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Mountain View

''Baseball Field Guide: An In-Depth Illustrated Guide to the Complete Rules of Baseball, by Dan Formosa and Paul Hamburger lives up to its subtitle while remaining splendidly clear and concise.” – Katherine A. Powers, The Boston Globe

“I have a new favorite baseball book” – Michael Street,

“Unlike the official rulebook, which has codes as dense as the Dewey Decimal System, this illustrated reference is easy to read and covers everything...” – John Curtis, The San Diego Union-Tribune

“From casual fan to professional spectator, the Baseball Field Guide will definitely enhance your appreciation and understanding of the game.” – Pat Lagreid, Baseball Book Review

“It's the best thing I've found so far for making sense of the rules in clear, concise language and easy-to- follow drawings.” – Ross Atkin, Christian Science Monitor online

“...because Baseball is the only sport I really care about, I decided to become as big an expert as possible. I bought the Baseball Field Guide from Amazon. Basically a couple guys took the MLB rulebook which is very hard to read, and turned it into an organized guide to every rule in baseball (and with pictures too!). What happens if a runner is hit by a thrown ball? What different ways can a pitcher be credited with a save? How does the infield fly rule work? Answers to all those questions will be at the ready on my coffee table. Hardcore baseball fans, check it out!” – The Blarg

“The many subjects covered are done so intelligently. The two pages on the balk rule, infamously misunderstood by even some lifelong baseball fans and some players, are a great case in point. … As for ease of use, this is where the authors’ expertise comes to the fore. Both Formosa and Hamburger’s background is in design and it really shows.” – Matt Smith, BaseballGB