Twenty Ways to Balk

Here are twenty ways a pitcher's or teammate's actions can result in the pitcher being charged with a balk. This is just a quick list, we go into more detail in the book.

A balk will be charged if a pitcher:

1. Interrupts his pitching motion.
2. Fails to come to a complete stop during the set position.
3. Fails to step toward and ahead of a throw.
4. Fails to have both hands on the ball once he’s in the set position.
5. Pitches while his pivot foot is not touching the rubber.
6. Pitches while his head is not facing the batter.
7. Fakes a throw to first or third base.
8. With runners on first and third, steps toward third without throwing.
9. Fakes or complete a throw to an unoccupied base.
10. Commits to a pitch without completing the pitch.
11. Makes a quick pitch.
12. Fakes a pitch.
13. Drops the ball while on the rubber.
14. Disengages the rubber improperly.
15. Delays the game.
16. Comes to the set position twice.
17. Changes from one pitching position to the other without disengaging the rubber.
18. Pitches using a tampered ball.

Balks can also be called due to the actions of other players, if:

19. The catcher or other player tries to block a runner attempting to score from third.
20. The catcher is outside the catcher’s box during an intentional walk.

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